The Evolution Of The Cd

While studying in Dublin in the 80's I became hooked on jazz, listening to the old American greats like Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I felt an overwhelming and deep connect with the music and the times.

As was common in those days and probably still is, students took up part time work for a bit of extra pocket money and I got a job working as a waitress on weekends at Sugar Rays, a trendy health food restaurant. It was there I met Kyron Bourke, a jazz piano player, playing tunes that I had by then, become so very familiar with. Over time we became good friends and I began dabbling with the idea of singing with him.

Kyron was supportive and enthusiastic and helped me form a jazz band 'Cheza', comprising Kyron on piano and two of the best session musicians in town at that time, Paul Logan and Phillip Myatt.

We played at Sugar Rays, Jules Nightclub and the Speak Easy Club on Temple Lane, performing the old greats and an original blues song Cheza, sung in my mother tongue, Kiswahili.

They were exciting but exhausting times and eventually exhaustion overtook excitement and I took a break from the night time gigs.

Some years later I auditioned with the Jazz Youth Orchestra, purely by chance, having spotted a poster during a stroll along Grafton St, Dublin's main street. I was successful and given the opportunity to sing 'Summertime' in the National Concert Hall with a full orchestra, this was the turning point.

It was the most magical and exhilarating 7 minutes of my life, singing in that wonderful hall, singing to a full house, to an appreciative audience. I knew then and there, if I ever got the chance to record my own album, it would be what dreams are made of.

It wasn't until 2004, that I met Grant Pierce, an Australian miner working in Tanzania, who has a passion for social development, music, culture and making a difference. Grant had been working, in his leisure time on a labour of love, a children's choir from a remote village in Nzega District, The Golden Pride Children's Choir ( In late 2005, Grant needed assistance in coordinating a trip to take the choir to Australia to perform at WOMADelaide and the Cultural Festival for the March 2006 Commonwealth Games.

He knew I had a passion for music, having once heard me sing a couple of impromptu numbers at Blue Palms in Dar es Salaam with fellow Tanzanian female artist and long time friend Carola Kinasha. Grant put me in touch with Lee Buddle, an accomplished musician in Perth Australia who had recorded the choir's first CD. My dream, stemming all the way back to those 7 minutes in the National Concert Hall in Dublin some two decades earlier, was within my grasp.

I jumped at the opportunity to work with Lee, a fabulously skilled producer and the 4 musicians Lee brought together. All are perfectionists with an attention to detail and great fun to work with. A dream for so long, at last was realized. I hope you enjoy the sounds of that dream.

With love

Sauda Jazzmin

Sauda Jazzmin